Hiring the Fralinger String Band

Fralinger String Band can play just about any event. The most important requirement we need to know (to get you to the correct contact) is how many musicians are needed for your event. Please select the size of band you need from the two options below.

Fralinger offers an array of performance venues to choose from, or can customize to your requirements. Typical engagements are for 12 to 25+ musicians. Smaller engagements are handled separately through our " Mini-bands" described above (click on the Mini-band button above).


Jeff Forcella Business Manager 609.214.7622 info@fralinger.org

Types of Events Fralinger String Band Plays

When only a few musicians are required, we recommend our Mini-band, consisting of 5-6 musicians. Perfect for smaller engagements like Birthday Parties, Bridal Serenades, Wedding Receptions, and Smaller Parties.


For scheduling availability and cost, please contact the following:

Mini-band Leader Dan Marakowski, Sr. 609.680.2581 or 856.468.9355